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noun. a doer; an agent.

suffix. causality; created by people to expand meaning.

With right-sizing, organizations have adjusted their full-time staff to the size and skills required for standard business operations.  This poses a challenge when the organization wants to execute on a strategic initiative which either:


- requires specialty skills that are not resident within the business unit or organization, and/or


- creates stress on the organization because the strategic intiative is executed with the existing staff which is then stretched to perform their full-time work and deliver on the project; putting both at risk.


Facienta deploys specialized teams into the organization to execute on specific, defined client projects; optimizing the efficiency, impact, quality, and return on investment for strategic initiatives.

Facienta can offer expansion teams to work in collaboration with existing staff or a full team to wholly own and deliver the project.  In either approach all engagements start with a deep understanding of the intended impact of the strategic initiative and ends with embedding results into the existing organization.


The conclusion of every Facienta project is to provide the education, training and knowledge required for the organization to successfully manage, maintain, and even continously improve on the achieved results.


Facienta Consulting currently offers services in the United States and Europe.








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