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Process Re-Engineering 
  • Understand and document current processes and the required resources at each stage of the process  including the roles, organic functions, and managing systems 

  • Define the future-state process to achieve optimal results

  • Conduct a gap analysis between current and future state, and

  • Produce a roadmap to achieve the optimal process 

Business Intelligence & Predictive Analytics
  • Definition of analytics initiatives and goals

  • Datasource identification, analysis, and preparation for analytics (e.g. data cleansing, normalization, optimization, logical views)

  • Business Intelligence tool selection

  • Analysis design and configuration

  • User training

Application Development
  • Requirements review and/or definition & documentation

  • Application architecture & database design

  • Application development, testing and implementation

Through a partner network Facienta offers onsite, onshore, nearshore or offshore development.  The conclusion of the project includes knowledge transfer and training of a Production Support team for application support & maintenance


Facienta does not offer Production Support services, if the client does not have an internal IT support team Facienta can refer a vendor

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